E-Submission is the total solution for document Workflow system which starts from Document drafting, Document routing, Document review / comment, Document approval, Document number registration, and Central Filing. The system is enhanced with various security features from login to approval. With tracking and auto-alert feature, it makes user to check the document status at any time.

The key features of the system include :

Document Drafting

  • Keep the standard form in Microsoft Word template.
  • Use Microsoft Word to draft and edit document make users easy to use the system.

Document Routing

  • Support one-to-one and one-to-many routing.
  • Able to track the document status and date (read and commented by other users).
  • Auto-alert when other users put comment or revised the document.
  • Auto-alert when the authorized user approves the document.

Document Review / Comment

  • Maintain all review / comment and the revised document in the system.
  • Authorized user can view the document version from the first draft.
  • Able to delegate the document review / comment authority to other users when not in office.

Document Approval

  • Support Two factor authentication (e.g. password with smartcard) to increase security.
  • Able to delegate the document approval authority to other users when not in office.

Document Number Registration

  • Auto-assign the document number based on various specified conditions.

Central Filing

  • Easy to search the completed documents for future reference.
  • Encrypt data / documents in Database.
  • Able to give temporary authorization to other department to view the completed documents.