Web Portal is single window information system for all users in the organization. It is the center of all information, news, knowledge, and communication. It combines all functions and features that users require in daily work, i.e. Notice, News, Appointment, Schedule, Internal Meeting, Connect, Contact, Forum, Poll, Good Reference, and KPI. The Web Portal will work with the dedicated Browser, which include the software agent, to authorize only the registered computer in order to increase the security level.

The key features of the system include :

Information Single Window

  • Centered application for all information, news, knowledge, and communication.
  • Create different screen for different users by system, depends on job scope, position, level, and authorization of user.

Application Gateway

  • Gateway to other backend applications, e.g. eSubmissioin, eBooking, Web Conference, HR,   etc. , using Single Sign On concept.

Communication Tools

  • Search for staffs and contacts in the organization.
  • Send the message or SMS (with SMS server) by one-to-one or one-to-many in the organization.
  • Maintain the individual contact by person (contact move with person when user change the position) or by job position (contact maintain in the current position when user change the position).

Brainstorming Tools

  • Center of Knowledge Management in the organization.
  • Maintain the work procedure and form.
  • Use Forum or Poll to share opinion.